Building a coffee ecosystem that people love. From scratch.

Building a coffee ecosystem that people love. From scratch.

People seek deceleration. In every day rituals. Coffee is an everyday ritual. All around the world. Coffee makes people feel safe and secure. Something they can rely on every day. Coffee provides us with small but intense moments of pleasure. Both is important: The coffee itself. And how we actually make and consume our coffee. This process of making and consuming our coffee lets us slow ourselves down in our fast paced life. This decelerating effect is what makes coffee so appealing.


Satisfying both: coffee nerds and coffee novices

Perfect coffee enjoyment is very difficult to achieve - enthusiasts invest a lot of money and time in equipment and the necessary skills. But often the willingness to do so is much less. The challenge is to develop a customizable system that allows everyone - nerd or novice - to access the perfect coffee ritual. Nunc. and PHOENIX created a completely new coffee ecosystem out of nothing. Brand, machine, mill, app, shop - a cosmos was built around the technological solution. The result is an experience that gives users the feeling of developing themselves and growing with the product.

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Coffee makers want to feel a sense of achievement. Without feeling overwhelmed.

Our extensive research has come to the conclusion that there is a growing number of coffee enthusiasts who don't just want to press on a button to get their coffee made. They want to experience a sense of control and achievement in the coffee making process. However they don't want to feel overwhelmed either. Finding and creating this very particular sweet spot, has made Nunc. a truly unique coffee making experience.

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Creating a new vision and making it reality

The concept behind nunc. is based on extensive research: trend analyses on the development of living conditions, socio-cultural studies on global types of coffee rituals, competitive scans focusing on the value propositions of market participants, as well as interviews and field studies to understand the relationship of users to coffee. All insights flow into the composition of the nunc. system, whose appearance we defined through industrial design, UX/UI design. Brand direction including brand name as well as pitching and storytelling content were part of our cooperation as well as support in technical elaboration and business model development. In this way, we were able to help an ambitious start-up to first make a vision tangible in various ways and then actually implement it.

„To understand what motivates and inspires people is essential. What supports them are cultural and ritualistic processes. Based on this insight, we can design processes and interactions with premium products so that they are embedded as motivating experiences – new rituals – into everyday life.“
Stephan Thiemt - Principal Design Strategist
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