Designing a TV that doesn’t look like a TV

Designing a TV that doesn’t look like a TV

Television sets used to be the pride and center piece of every living room. Well, not anymore. People predominantly watch their content of choice on smartphones and tablets and then some on TV. The result: the TV set just stands there. Without adding to the aesthetics of the living room. Example:


How can we design a TV that looks like beautiful furniture?

We set out to design a home display set that doesn’t look like a TV. Something that beautifully blends into the home of the people. Something with timeless design. Something that people would love looking at - even though the home display is not on.

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The Invisible TV

We have designed a home display that looks as good switched off as it looks switched on. A true breakthrough in the rather stale home display product category.

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“Together with PHOENIX, we were able to showcase our vision of a premium user experience and achieved our long-term goal to define a unique value of our evolutionary OLED display"
Sanghoon Lee Division Leader, Member of the board, Large Display Product Planning Team


„The great success of design comes with a great collaboration with the client. We understand what client concerns and lead them to win the game which does not only mean by the result, but every path that influences their culture. That is how we build the trust with all of our clients.“
Sungchul Yang - Principal Designer
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